FAST-ENGINEERING is an engineering office specialized in industrial and mechanical design.

You are looking for:

  • industrial designers and proficient engineers?
  • working on short- to long-term projects?
  • technical support in industrial design?
  • for pieces and subsets of aircraft structures?
  • for piping?
  • for mechanical machines, plastic pieces, tooling?
  • or something else?

Your goal is to:

  • cut your costs?
  • increase your flexibility?
  • speed up your project development time?
  • place your products on the market faster?

FAST-ENGINEERING takes you there.

Thanks to our tech expertise in products development and industrial design, you will speed up the development time of your projects substantially.

Tools we use: SolidworksCatiaAutocad and Inventor.

Aeronautics • Automobile

Polymers • Plastic parts • Molding tools

Medical Devices • Production lines • Special machines

Integration of electronic systems • Design molds other tools • Special machines