FAST-ENGINEERING is an engineering office specialized in industrial and mechanical design.

Are you a small or a big company? FAST-ENGINEERING and our team of skilled engineers answer your needs in mechanical projects development everywhere in the world.

FAST-ENGINEERING is your ideal partner to move forward your industrial projects. We provide strategic technical support in terms of innovative industrial projects development.

To fulfill projects in mechanical design, our creative engineers use tools of computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA).

Furthermore, FAST-ENGINEERING devotes significant attention to provide flawless customer service.

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Created in 2012 by Pie Olivier ATANGANA, FAST-ENGINEERING provides an expertise in industrial products design, in mechanics and in customized tech integration to its customers. 

FAST-ENGINEERING advocates innovation and creativity. It is well known that companies, being constantly affected by globalization, tend to cut theirs costs in R&D in order to stay competitive on the global market.

However, companies’ competitiveness depends more than never on their ability to innovate and make successful strategic choices.

FAST-ENGINEERING believes that an efficient technical partnership boosts creativity and productivity within your teams during the critical phase of new products design. For this reason, you receive the assistance of highly skilled engineers at every important step of your projects development.