FAST-ENGINEERING is an engineering office specialized in applications for mechanical engineering and related technologies.


  • Aeronautics

    The aeronautic sector is regulated by very strict quality standards. In addition, cutting aviation fuel consumption is a double gain (economical and ecological) for aircraft manufacturers.

    Being experts in our field, FAST-ENGINEERING develops design projects and calculations for components structures of commercial aircrafts.

  • Automobile

    Innovations in materials science allow you to decrease the weight of vehicles by replacing pieces originally in steel by pieces in technical polymers, in composite materials, in aluminum alloys, etc.

    In this case, our customers call FAST-ENGINEERING to design efficient pieces and production tooling.


Industrial zone, Steel pipelines and equipment

The plastic sector is constantly evolving in terms of production volume as well as sophistication of new applications of polymers thanks to the surge of booming sectors like aeronautics, automobile and pharmaceuticals.

FAST-ENGINEERING develops design projects of plastic pieces and molding tools. We conduct predictive analysis and simulate molding processes in order to avoid or limit quality defects.

Industrial machines


FAST-ENGINEERING takes you to a more competitive landscape. Our engineering office develops design projects of machines equipped with the latest technologies and reverse engineering for you.


Mikroskop im Labor

The pharmaceutical sector is growing rapidly. In this industry, you need to use efficient production tools from technologies of the latest generation. FAST-ENGINEERING designs special machines integrating new technologies for this booming sector.

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