FAST-ENGINEERING services find applications in multiple fields. They are built around 3 axis: in-house support, fixed-rate support and mixed support. Among our services, you may find:

  • technical studies of products and machines using CAD tools
  • 2D and 3D industrial drawing
  • mechanical design of special machines
  • design of industrial piping systems
  • design of technical plastic pieces
  • reverse engineering of machines
  • design of production tooling
  • calculations and optimization of mechanical and welded structures
  • calculations on optimization of flowing and cooling processes
  • eco-design of products
  • blueprints
  • quality control, test and validation of prototypes
  • mechanical installation of prototypes and on-site validation.

In-house technical support


FAST-ENGINEERING brings you on-site technical support in order to efficiently develop your projects while working closely with your teams.

Fixed-rate technical support

Mikroskop im Labor

FAST-ENGINEERING brings you complete support in order to efficiently develop your projects from the engineering office, still ensuring the strictest confidence. 

Mixed technical support


FAST-ENGINEERING engineering office brings you technical and human support in order to boost your technical capacities as well as the workforce you need to develop your projects.

Are you looking for industrial designers or creative and proficient engineers for your short- to long-term projects?

Do you need support for your projects in fine or heavy mechanics engineering, in welding, piping systems, plastic pieces, design of tooling or packaging?

Technical Proposal

FAST-ENGINEERING owes SolidWorks Premium licenses as well as fixed and mobile HP Z620 and ZBook workstations allowing you to take up all the challenges which may arise during complex mechanical designs, from computer-aided design (CAD) to finite element analysis (FEA) and computation fluid dynamics (CFD).

FAST-ENGINEERING also has projection capabilities from other CAD software such as CATIA, Autocad and Inventor.

It is possible to export and import various files formats and files sets (IGS, STEP, Catia, DWG, DXF, etc.).

Thanks to its expertise in industrial drawing and vast industrial network, FAST-ENGINEERING allows you to design and build your products faster.

Don’t hesitate anymore

Added Value

FAST-ENGINEERING’s added value resides in its capacity to permanently provide human as well as material external resources in order to help you develop your mechanical projects faster.

When you call FAST-ENGINEERING, you receive:

Undeniable expertise

  • Accelerate technical development of projects in order to place your products on the market faster.
  • Design complex products using various technologies.
  • Design products families.
  • Reduce environmental impact thanks to our eco-products strategy.

Complete flexibility

  • Develop customized products.
  • Receive technical resources to cut investment costs.
  • Receive human resources to cut fixed costs.

Extended industrial network

  • Get access to an industrial network of qualified suppliers.
  • Broaden your experience in technical partnerships.